Pre-Notting Hill Carnival Party

Everyone loves Carnival – the sleepy streets of Notting Hill are transformed into rainbows of smiles and couture, songs and sounds fill the streets in festivities that can only be induced by Brazilian culture and energy and even though we’re stuck in Shoreditch – doesn’t mean we can’t join in the fun. The lovely folk at Gandaia present pne a massive Pre-Notting Hill Carnival happening at Favela London this week! In preparation for colours and eclectism galore, prepare yourselves for one helluva party with the amazing Maracatudo Mafua, AJ Holmes and the Hackney Empire AND John Blood. DJ support in the form of Pax Nindi and Cocoyea Mas Band.

Gandaia is a great Arts Organisation focused on the development of Brazilian culture through music, dance, fashion, travel and cultural interchange. Adding to London’s world status as an absolute melting pot of people and cultures. Bringing together their favourite artists and bands, they offer a programme of gigs, courses, workshops and events – one of which is happening at Favela come 25th August!

Having visited numerous festivals this year with acts and workshops and classes – providing London with the sweet taste of Brazilian culture, music and dance.

So get down to Favela London for a Pre-Carnival party not to be missed! Grooving your way into true Carnival spirit…


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