Fancy yourself a winner?

Like the sound of one of these:

a) £50 bar tab

b) Dinner for two and a bottle of wine

c) Free entrance +1 for any Friday or Saturday

d) 2 pairs of NYE tickets

Well – easy as pie – join our mailing list here –

Winner announced throughout October!

(image thanks to Jordan Smith)


4 responses to “Winner?

  • Alda Ribeiro Coelho

    Hi, I’ve been trying to join your mailing list, but it keeps failing. I am pretty sure all the details are correct. So is there any other way of joining the mailing list besides the Facebook page?
    And BTW is there some sort of guest list that one can sign up for? What are the requisitions for that?


    • favelalondon

      Hey Alda!
      I will add you to the mailing list right now! Don’t do questlists – but saw your entry into the OneTaste competition! Nice one.
      Favela Love

      • Alda Ribeiro Coelho

        Thanks for your quick reply.
        Just one last question, if there’s no guest list how is it that most of us have to queue up to get it and a couple of people just can go ahead. How do you make it into that group?

        Thank you

      • favelalondon

        They’re probably having dinner or have booked a table for drinks. There is a fast forward option which you need to book; it’s £20 entrance per person (which includes skipping the queue/assured entrance/free drink inside), this you can book through


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