Booking Info

To book a table and enjoy the tasty Brazilian cuisine we have on offer or if you have any questions whatsoever, please email:

OR you could call us on:

02076134228 or 02076135228 (between 10am and 9pm)

We are very happy to organise large groups bookings, private and semi-private events!


To secure all reservations we require credit or debit card details, an email address and a mobile telephone number.

If you don’t cancel your booking (in whole or in part) at least 24h in advance, or do not show up on the day your table is booked, we will charge a £6 cancellation fee per person.

Cancellations less than 24h before the booking will be charged this amount on their credit card.

For the Set Menu bookings, same conditions apply but you will be charged the price of the set menu per person booked.

Favela Chic is a restaurant and a bar therefore no drinks or food from the outside are permitted.

We ca

nnot be held responsible for any food or drinks that are not made on the premises.

If you are booking for a birthday dinner, our chefs make seriously scrumptious cakes! With 24h notice, we can easily arrange one for you.

Please stay with us afterwards and enjoy the atmosphere of our club – whether it’s live music or or crazed weekend DJs.

If you are running late – please call us and let us know as we can only hold your table for 20 minutes.

Our dress code is casual and fun. No suits or ties necessary.

We have a strict non-smoking policy within the club and anyone caught smoking indoors will be fined a minimum of £300.

No under 18s from 10 pm.

Bring a beautiful smile – we will do the same!

Obrigado, Merci, Cheers


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