Radio Favela

Radio Favela (or the mislead adventures of Madera Verde and Gringo da Parada).



Not content with monthly forays up to the SOAS RADIO studios, Madera & Gringo decided an altogether more challenging expedition was required to celebrate mid summer.

So, on the invitation of the sublime CLUB DADA and SHANGRI LA crews at the GLASTONBURY FESTIVAL, and with the financial help from THE FRENCH MUSIC BUREAU, off they traipsed into the English countryside with FIVE of France’s top dance/electro/funk bands to rock the wellies off an unsuspecting festival crowd.


You helped us to disprove John Lennon’s quote that “French Rock tastes like English Wine!”

And here is the recording to prove it, thanks to intrepid SOAS RADIO reporters SETH & VIOLETA!



Saperlipopette! MADERA is left alone at the coal face this month as GRINGO decides to sleep off a weekend’s excess at the Cannes Festival. So no LARS VON TRIER style outbursts for once on the show… instead DJ DEANY SEAGULLS has supplied a tremendous psychobilly flavoured mix to keep the mood on the right side of the street, and we preview BIG shows at Rich Mix in London and our very own stage at Glastonbury 2011, nom d’une pipe…



This time, GRINGO has a hangover, on a school night… and not much sympathy forthcoming from MADERA.

In the studio, the charming ORLANDO SEALE & THE SWELL plays LIVE with gorgeous strings and vocal arrangements galore, followed by a chat with the lovely ONE TASTE doyennes Debbie & Stac talking about their fantastic soirees.

All this stimulation means that GRINGO’s hangover is soon a thing of the past. Oui Madame!


In this episode, we witness those two overgrown toddlers GRINGO DA PARADA & MADERA VERDE experience a collective senior moment, both forgetting to bring any music to the studio. The SOAS RADIO station management are not impressed. Luckily, esteemed and learned guest DJ EARL GATESHEAD brings along some delectable slabs of conscious reggae on vinyl, along with some much needed pearls of musical wisdom. And then, live in the studio, MORE LIKE TREES, consisting of two musicians over half their age younger, proove that musical wisdom does not necessarily come with advanced years. Oh and GRINGO also says something rude about UB40 , again…


Do national characteristics really exist? Could this be summed up here in a bizarre musical version of “Its A Knockout” or “Jeux Sans Frontieres”? Are the Brits aka MADERA VERDE too reserved and stamp- collector like with their facts & figures? Are the French aka GRINGO DA PARADA too emotional, sharing with any one who cares to listen intimate details of their love life? And are Brasilians via Angola aka LUCIA DE CARVALHO simply the best and most charismatic entertainers in the world? The truth is out there… in this podcast… maybe.


Another “killer no filler” set from GRINGO and MADERA, featuring live music and chat in the studio from LEWIS FLOYD HENRY and NILES from ASHEBER & THE AFRIKAN REVOLUTION. Also a preview of the VIVE LA FRANCE special on Friday 25 Feb with French gypsy techno/electro swing merchants LA CARAVANE PASSE and LE KKC ORCHESTRA. Oui Madame, as always!


Boom boom boom, ici la France/Bresil/Shoreditch! General De Gringo and Admiral Verre d ‘Eau transmitting to the free world once again under perplexing conditions. Its more nonsensicalism, with the occasional flash of brilliance… namely in a live set in the studio by CYRUS GABRYSCH, leader of THE ZIZANIQUES + bits and bobs to pass an hour or so. Music by JAQUES BREL, LUTCHIANA and SEU JORGE, and a lot of chat. They do go on a bit, frankly… but in a good way.


Back once again with the renegade blaster… RADIO FAVELA volume 3 in all its glory for your aural delectation. OUI MADAME! This month, we have THREE guests in the studio, samba rock don daddy ADRIANO TRINIDADE, French chanteuse ANNE B, and new kid on the electro baile funk block JOAO BRASIL. And of course more nonensens from presenters GRINGO DA PARADA and MADERA VERRE D’EAU, who really should know better at their age. You likee?


Quality guests galore in the studio for the second RADIO FAVELA, people. First up, a couple of bangers by VOLTAIRE & JORGE BEN selected telepathically by a man called TCHIKY AL’DENTE all the way from Paris va Rio (…how DOES he do that?). Then flower power mamas HANNAH & THE HEARTBREAK play live for us, previewing their gig at the venue on Tuesday 30th November and let us into some North London secrets. Then a bit later two lovely ladies from the MARACATU MAFUA collective give us the lowdown on Brasilian roots music beyond samba. As usual, those two buffoon presenters GRINGO and MADERA lower the tone considerably, talking rubbish whilst playing some fine music by ASHEBER AND THE AFRIKAN REVOLUTION, ADAM KESHER, KEITH RICHARDS & GREGORY ISAACS). How do they do that?


DO NOT ADJUST YOUR SET. RADIO FAVELA HAS TAKEN OVER FOR THE NEXT 50 MINUTES. DESORDEM E PROGRESSO! Your hosts GRINGO & MADERA rant & rage with guests once a month. For this the auspicious inaugural one, we welcome DJ SHEP, taliking about his infamous DIGGA PLEASE night & the PLANTAIN crew biggup there monthly session at Favela Chic. OUI MADAME!

Check out live music streaming straight from our Favela on Awdio:


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